Your pet needs surgery. It’s a major decision, and you will need to know your options. Your veterinarian can help you decide, but you must know the right questions to ask. 

7 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before Your Pet Undergoes Surgery…

  • How many of this type of surgery has the veterinarian performed?

  • How recently has the veterinarian performed this type of surgery?

  • Does the surgery require specialized equipment that’s readily available to the veterinarian?

  • Does my pet’s surgery require a specialist?

  • What should I expect the outcome of the surgery to be?

  • What are the risks involved in this type of surgery?

  • What post-surgery care is required and for how long?

Your pet is a special member of your family… one who offers love and loyalty and trusts you to look out for his or her welfare. As part of that trust and responsibility, you look to your veterinarian to provide quality veterinary services for your pet. It’s possible your pet may develop a specific condition your veterinarian will recognize as requiring specialized care beyond what even they can offer. At that point, they may refer you to an expert veterinary surgeon who, like Dr. George A. Malnati, of Sunset Veterinary Surgery in Clearwater, FL, has been ‘Board Certified’ and is fully qualified to treat your pet’s condition.

Sunset Veterinary Surgery provides the same gentle care and quality of treatment that your pet receives from your current veterinarian. In fact, after treating your pet’s specific condition, we will refer you back to your veterinarian as the primary provider of your pet’s regular health care needs. puppyonarugWhy Does My Pet Need A Specialist? Just as medical doctors will refer their patients to a specialist when needed, your veterinarian has determined that your pet’s specific condition requires specialized care that should be entrusted to an experienced, well-qualified veterinary surgeon. Coordination Between Us and Your Veterinarian Your veterinarian will provide us will all the information concerning your pet’s health and medical condition, relevant tests and x-rays. Post-Surgery Care In the weeks following surgery, we continue to see your pet until we are satisfied that the healing process is complete and your pet is ready to return to regular veterinary care. During this time, we keep your regular veterinarian informed of your pet’s progress. When Dr. Malnati is satisfied the treatment is complete, our office will provide your primary care veterinarian with full information concerning the results so they can continue with your pet’s regular care. – See more at: http://www.sunsetvetsurgery.com/#sthash.IBgEpiu4.dpuf



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