“When we rescued Chewie in April of 2016 from the Guardian Angel Dog Rescue, we were so confused with his story and shocked as to why someone would neglect him and his family. He is one of the most gentle souls you will ever meet and he fit right into our home with his sister, Willow. He was not fed well nor even got the love he deserved. Though we did not know all the details of the animal cruelty case, it was obvious by his wirey coat and foggy eyes that his nutrition suffered. When he walked, it wasn’t in a straight line, rather slanted or crooked. We knew it was highly possible that his joints or mobility had suffered as well, but this happy and playful boy didn’t stop wrestling with his toy rope or playing chase with his dad.

“We remained cautious with his running and jumping but boys will be boys. As his dad went to pick him up to give him a bath, in Chewie’s mind it was play time. He pivoted quickly to run away and with a loud yelp, we knew he tore something. He tore his A. C. L. We whipped into action and took him to our vet. It was confirmed that he would need surgery. We found Dr. Malnati at Sunset Veterinary Surgery. Dr. Malnati gave us a quick lesson on dog anatomy, which was awesome, so that we fully understood what was going on with Chewie. He assured us that this surgery would make Chewie feel like a new puppy – yet bionic! We felt very comfortable and trusted his expertise immediately.

“After Chewie’s surgery, we had hoped to take him home, however, he wasn’t quite ready with all the anesthetic still in his system. We were lucky again to have Dr. Malnati take Chewie home with him to make sure he was in good hands. . .and he was! The first week was rough for Chewie, but every week was stronger and stronger. By the sixth week, he was walking on his own and we knew he was getting bolder! By the eighth week checkup, Dr. Malnati said that Chewie’s muscle had come back 80% and was ahead of schedule! Now, we still remain a little cautious and reluctant for any jumping and rough housing, but he is as spunky and energetic as a one year old puppy.

“We thank the wonderful technicians, staff and especially Dr. Malnati for giving our Chewie yet another chance at living life to his fullest – bionic and all!”

– Chris & Janice, Chewie’s Dad and Mom

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