Miss Macey

“Miss Macey was a very active 1 year old Terrier mix that was dealt a bad knee; a Luxating Patella to be more specific. Macey would run like the crazy nut that she is, then would run back to me on three legs looking for help to pop her kneecap back into place. 

“We were recommended to Sunset Veterinary Surgery to take care of Macey’s knee. We were both nervous, but Dr. Malnati and his staff were a wealth of knowledge and assured us that it would be best for Macey to have the surgery. We went ahead with surgery on February 2 and It was done within a few hours. 

“Macey’s recovery was quick and easy. At first she was confused why she couldn’t do her normal routine (and sometimes she broke the rules) but she tried her hardest to impress Dr. Malnati and staff with her recovery efforts. 

“8 weeks later, Macey is a very active one year old Terrier Mix who was dealt a perfectly good knee. Thank you to Sunset Veterinary Surgery.”

– Macey has finally graduated!”