Missy the dog

“I would like to thank Dr. Malnati and his staff for the wonderful treatment they gave our little Missy. From the moment we walked in the door to the time we met Dr. Malnati,  I knew Missy was in good hands. Before meeting with the doctor, Missy was in pain and having a lot of difficulty keeping up with her sisters. It was sad to watch her move away from them when they played and sit on the sidelines. When she would try to walk, I would have to take her legs and move them back into position. I know how uncomfortable she was.

“Fast forward 8 weeks plus and we can hardly keep up with Missy. She is running and jumping and right there in the middle of the mix when her sisters are playing. She is even initiating play. Something she would never do. She is so full of life and acting like a puppy should! Thank you so very much for giving Missy back her life!”

– the Bells