“At the beginning of May, 2018, our 3 year old German Shepard Nischa, lover of running, chaser of squirrels, tore her ACL chasing one of those pesky varmints. At the time, we had no idea it was as serious as it was, and were referred to Sunset Veterinary Surgery by our Vet. With rave reviews that Dr. Malnati was the best in his field, we were assured we would be in good hands.

“They were wonderful from the very beginning, accommodating our very mouthy German Shepard with understanding, kindness and patience. We were seen within 24 hours of our call and given a very detailed account of what had happened and the necessary treatment and steps for our girl to gain as much use of her leg as possible.

“This wonderful group only performs 1-2 surgeries per day in order to provide your animals with the best possible care and attention we expect and they deserve.

“Surgery was scheduled for the following week and upon arrival that morning, the wonderful office staff took her in and let her be a helper behind the counter (even though she stunk the place up pretty badly LOL) Upon completion of the surgery and recovery, we were able to pick up our girl that evening with all the instructions and items needed to care for her with personal phone numbers for the Dr. should we need him at night or day.

“With their guidance and help, we were able to get her fixed, healed and running again – you would never know she hurt herself. I want to thank Dr. Malnati and the wonderful staff at Sunset for taking care of our Nischa as if she was their own.

“Their compassion and patience not only helped our rowdy loud girl, but also our family to feel confident that we were making the best medical decisions and therapy treatments she would need to continue to have an active, pain-free life. We are forever grateful for you and your office! Words do not express just how thankful we are to all of you! God Bless!”

– Elizabeth and Larry