“Suddenly one day Sophie started limping and crying. I took her to the Vet next day and he said she had a torn Patella and ACL. He said she will need surgery and highly recommended Dr. Malnati. One of the pretty young girls who work there asked if I want to take Sophie back after the surgery, leave her in a cage in the office overnight, or sleep at the doctor’s house. All I could say is, ‘Huh? What do you mean take her home?’ she then told me his wife loves small dogs. 

“I picked Sophie up the next day and except for being groggy, she was fine. Her leg was bandaged for two days. After a couple of weeks I had to do exercises with her leg. By the end of 8 weeks she learned to dance sideways. Sophie seemed to like Dr. Malnati as much as I did. He is a very fine person and I would highly recommend him.”

 – Sophie’s Mom