“One night, we came home and our 10 year old Boston terrier, Yogi, could not put his back leg down. We took him to our general veterinarian who took x-rays and diagnosed him with a torn ACL (CCL). They estimated an extremely expensive procedure with an extremely long recovery time. We were devastated! 

“As we researched our options, we found the answer to our prayers: Dr. Malnati. Several people recommended Dr. Malnati’s practice, and we are incredibly grateful to have the privilege to work with him and his staff. They are truly incredible. They provide exceptional care at a reasonable price. From the moment we stepped into the office, they treated Yogi, our two year-old son, and us with kindness and compassion. 

“Dr. Malnati explained everything clearly and carefully. He answered all of our questions and made us feel comfortable with Yogi’s surgical procedure and recovery. Everyone at the office genuinely cares about the animals they heal. Yogi felt at home, and he even looked forward to his follow up appointments.

“Surgery for pets can be both emotionally and financially draining. However, our experience with Dr. Malnati took away this strain. Dr. Malnati made this an exceptional experience. He provided Yogi with a superior surgical experience at a reasonable cost. We all looked forward to visiting the office and seeing our new extended family. 

“As for Yogi’s recovery, you wouldn’t know he was 10 years old or that he had major knee surgery. He is back to himself. He’s carefree as he plays with our younger Boston Terrier. We are so happy and grateful to have many more years with a healthy Yogi. Thank you, Dr. Malnati, for making this such a wonderful experience!”

– Yogi’s Dad