Hear from our patients!

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“This letter is for anyone blessed enough to find or be referred to Dr. Malnati and his crew. About 3 months ago our family dog took off after a cat in our yard. He ran he ran up the yard on 4 legs and came back on 3. A trip to the emergency room told…



“We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Malnati at the clinic. Tori was so afraid and in pain, but because of everyone’s compassion and skill, she came through with flying colors! You would never know she had major surgery!” – Michelle and Chuck McGee



“Our dog, Sully, is a 22 lb Bichon/Yorkie/Poo mix and is two and a half years old. On May 1, 2017 he injured his left hind leg. He received excellent care at Sunset Veterinary Surgery. He recovered as planned and always loves going into the office. Dr. Malnati is pleasant, professional and is a highly-skilled…

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“Sophie is now ready to run!”

Sophie 1


“Suddenly one day Sophie started limping and crying. I took her to the Vet next day and he said she had a torn Patella and ACL. He said she will need surgery and highly recommended Dr. Malnati. One of the pretty young girls who work there asked if I want to take Sophie back after…

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Snooty with Dr. Malnati “Great doctor, great staff. Dr. Malanati is very good and I would definitely trust him to do the best he can for my fur baby. After a broken leg and hip, 2 months later my baby is now running, jumping and so active – like nothing happened to her leg…Thank you…



“Poor Pequito! We were lost what to do.  He’s a little chihuahua who hardly could move He had two torn tendons in both back knees. He was in so much pain, he needed help, please! We met Dr. Malnati and he said, “Rest Assured! With an operation he soon will be cured” Thanks, to Dr.…

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“At the beginning of May, 2018, our 3 year old German Shepard Nischa, lover of running, chaser of squirrels, tore her ACL chasing one of those pesky varmints. At the time, we had no idea it was as serious as it was, and were referred to Sunset Veterinary Surgery by our Vet. With rave reviews…

my girl

My Girl

“We went to see Dr. Malnati after my girl was diagnosed with a CCL tear. She graduated from appointments today! She is doing so well post surgery. We can’t thank Dr. Malnati and his team enough!” – Caitlyn Boyd

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“A big thank you to Dr. Malnati and his staff for doing such a good job. Missy had both of her back legs operated on for trick knees at the age of 14 months. Surgery and the follow-up appointments went well. She is now running around and playing again. The surgery gave her back to…